September/October 2015
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Our Readers' Favorites
Pope Francis Puts Mission First
by Frank Maurovich
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Detaining God's Children
by Gabriela Romeri
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Beads: Gateway to Prayer
by John Beeching, M.M.
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We Call Her Grandma
by Mary Ellen Manz, M.M.
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Today's Good News
'Baptized as missionary disciples'
Photo Meditation
Where are you, God?

By Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M.

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Maryknoll Study Guide

September 2015 Study Guide: Grades 7-12
Maryknoll Magazine Classroom Program
The following study guide has been designed to help you present in an age-appropriate way. Have students read “At home in Haiti” on pages 18–21 and answer the Reading Worksheet.

Multimedia of the Month

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