Maryknoll Magazine Reprint Policy:

Written content from Maryknoll magazine, either on the web or in print, may be republished in its entirety or in part, free of change, with attribution and permission. Republished material must retain the same message and intent as the original. Our content may not be used for commercial purposes, and may not be used by publications that fail to follow ethical journalistic standards, or by any publication or organization whose objectives are contrary to those of Maryknoll or the Catholic Church. Headlines may be rewritten to suit editorial style, but must be faithful to the original and accurate.

Republication of photos from Maryknoll magazine requires permission from our publication and may also require the permission of the photographer.

Attribution for content republished from Maryknoll magazine should say:
• In print: Reprinted from Maryknoll magazine,
• Online: Reprinted from Maryknoll magazine (hyperlinked to
• If the full article is not used, include the line “Read the full article at If online, hyperlink directly to the original article on the Marknoll magazine website.
• Photos: Pay attention to how photos are credited in the magazine. Use the photographer’s name and Maryknoll magazine (e.g., J. Smith/Maryknoll magazine) or Maryknoll Mission Archives, depending upon how the photo is credited in the publication or on the web.

For permission to reprint content from Maryknoll magazine, please email or call 914-941-7590 and ask for the magazine editor. You may write to us at: Maryknoll magazine, Reprint Requests, P.O. Box 302, Maryknoll, N.Y. 10545-0302.