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Mission Mysteries of the Rosary
By Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M.

Visit of the Magi
Searching the heavens they see
The great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn
In Pisces revealing the birth
Of a newborn king of the Jews
Prompting them to cross borders
And search for truth in a foreign land.

Sending out the disciples
Two by two, village by village,
They bear witness to God’s kingdom
Here on Earth, where all God’s children
Are precious, protected and loved
And all creation reflects the power and glory
Of the one all-loving Creator.

Jesus cures the centurion’s servant
Recognizing faith even in a would-be enemy
Breaking down barriers of “us and them”
Refusing to accept political or social
Classes or categories, Jesus grants
The soldier’s request by healing his servant
In solidarity with human suffering
Despite differences of race or religion.

Jesus meets
the Samaritan woman
Refusing to be bound by pride or
Prejudice, Jesus asks this suspect
Woman for a drink of water and she
Sees first a man, a Jew, a prophet.
What starts as curiosity ends in faith
When without judgment he quenches
Her deeper longing for love and dignity.

Conversion of St. Paul
From persecutor of Christians
To preacher of Christ crucified
And risen, he shows true conversion
As more a change of heart than of religion
Breaking open the gates
Of the kingdom of God
To all nations, peoples, and especially
Sinners, by being living proof
Of God’s scandalous mercy and
Unrelenting grace.