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Readers’ Responses July/August 2020

The account of the course of Maryknoll Father Joseph Cappel’s life as observed by Maryknoll Father Kevin Hanlon in your May/June 2020 issue of Maryknoll magazine is indeed a saintly suggestion. As this priest ministered to the rural inhabitants in remote regions of Chile, he did so with a sustainable practice in mind. By riding his bicycle, he practiced an alternative form of transportation. Father Cappel in a sense was ahead of his time and a forerunner to Pope Francis’ announcement in Laudato Si’ that to care for our common home is essential.

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From the Editor: God Is With Us

God is with us! That good news message revealed to us by Jesus resounds throughout this issue of MARYKNOLL magazine in the lives of people today. We see God present in Father Roberto Rodriguez as he welcomes immigrants to Infant...

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From the Editor

Pope Francis has said, “All vocations make their first steps in the family.” Those words come alive when you meet the Thibert and Hill families, as I did when their sons Ryan and Jonathan were sent forth to serve the world’s...

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