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As a child in the Bronx, N.Y., paging through my grandmother’s MARYKNOLL magazine, I was intrigued by the photos and stories of Maryknoll missioners serving in fields afar. How impressed I was by their willingness to leave home to share God’s word overseas! I never imagined that one day I would meet many of those missioners and help tell their stories. That has been my privilege as part of the magazine’s editorial staff for more than 30 years.

Over those years my vision of mission has broadened as the post-Vatican II Church has reminded us that all of us—not only priests and religious—are called to be missioners through baptism. That message was reinforced for me last summer on a Maryknoll mission immersion trip to Appalachia, where I saw men and women from all walks of life living the Gospel by caring for the earth and its people. (See story, page 18.) The stories in this issue illustrate that being a missioner means living God’s word by sharing God’s love, whether in Tanzania, Bolivia, Appalachia or the Bronx. Maryknoll mission immersion trips offer opportunities to experience that reality firsthand.

As the new editor of MARYKNOLL magazine, I will continue to work closely with Lynn F. Monahan, our editor-in-chief, and our dedicated team to bring you the stories of mission. Hopefully, young people paging or clicking through our magazine—or going on an immersion trip—will hear their own call to mission.

Margaret Gaughan

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Margaret Gaughan

Marge Gaughan worked on the staff of Maryknoll magazine from 1988 to 2022, serving first as copy editor, then assistant managing editor, and managing editor from 2000. She was named editor in 2019. A former Sister of the Divine Compassion, she was a middle school teacher and director of religious education.