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Who are those people?

By Joseph Veneroso, M.M.

Who are these
clamoring to enter
our land, our homes, our hearts?
Why are they here
disturbing our peace?
What do they want
from us who have more
than enough for ourselves?
Where do they come from,
speaking such foreign words
we do not understand?


We suspect they come to steal, harm or kill,
to spoil our culture
taking advantage of our good will.
We fear most what they themselves flee:
hunger, poverty, disease,
violence, war, oppression.
Most of all we dislike the truth
they reveal about ourselves,
who put conditions on God’s
unconditional love for all.


Jesus, it’s your face we try not to see,
your voice we strive not to hear,
your word we’d rather not obey.
Help us to recognize
they are you and
they are us.