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Wake up, Jesus!

By Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M.

Is it not enough that our old boat
Though built by the holy carpenter
Should be taking on more water
With each passing, crashing wave?

Is it not enough for the darkness
To obscure our whereabouts
And totally confuse our sense
Of direction, destiny and purpose?

And the wind! Tossing
Or turning us around or tipping us
To the brink of disaster
Is this not enough?

Skills falter, strength fails
We’re sinking fast and fast
Asleep is the Lord oblivious
To our peril.

“Wake up, Lord!”
We shout, we scream, we cry
“Do you not care we are drowning?”

He gives us that look
And then with one word
Silences the storm;
Turns our panic into peace;
Our worry to wonder;
Our fear to greater faith.