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 The way of discipleship

Photo reflection on missionary discipleship
By Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M.

Missionary discipleship
Requires a willingness
To leave behind
Not just family and friends
House and homeland
But also yesterday’s problems
Last month’s plans and
The broken promises of ages past
And dare to dream of a better
World and healthier way
To live with one another.

Missionary discipleship
Begins when we step outside
Ourselves and face each new day
With an openness to seeing
Life through other people’s eyes
Singing their songs
Hearing their stories
Sharing their foods
Honoring their wounds
And above all reflecting
Back to them the divine image
In which all people are made.

Missionary discipleship
Compels us not just to
Believe in Christ but to follow him
Who emptied himself and
Left behind his glory and
Took up his cross and
Laid down his life
That all may live and love
God and neighbor
Through him and
With him and
In him