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Word Made Flesh

By Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M.

One unending breath long
Before the beginning of time
Silent eternity broke the eternal silence as
Perpetual emptiness filled the void and the
Big Bang of an end and beginning
Sometime between never and forever
God erupted in universal longing
Whispering a cosmic truth: I AM

Light, creation, chaos, dark,
galaxies galore and black holes
Swirl in a spastic intergalactic cataclysm
Birthing the only appropriate response:
You are.

When night had run half its course
From the divine throne of the Most High
Leapt the one Word which alone embodies
Self emptying, Self sacrificing yet
Generating new life by the very act of dying
And the virgin’s name was Mary.

From of old created in the divine image
Only worthy receiver of God’s grace
In the fullness of time enfleshed
God-With-Us not in the mighty monsters
nor in legendary giant warriors but
In lowly human form as a newborn babe
Whose babbling shocked angels into silence
before breaking into song.

And the word, and the flesh, and the song
Was one and the word was love
and we have received that word
In our flesh and now cannot help
but become notes in God’s eternal melody:
Venite, adoremus. Ite, amemus.
Come, let us adore. Go, let us love.