Our Better Angels

Our Better Angels

By Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M.

What motivates these brave souls to overcome
Fears, doubts and, oft times, it seems
Even common sense to go
No, run towards that from which most people flee?

And who are these who lay aside concern
For their own health and safety to minister
To strangers, whose only claim to assistance
Is their desperate need for help and healing?

How is it that despite perhaps an indifferent or
Ungrateful public, still these women and men arise
Even after little rest and no relaxation,
Ignoring death and defeat, to do and do again?

These are the very soul and conscience of our land
Who do what most dare not nor cannot comprehend
For in their selfless service more than individuals
Are saved, comforted or consoled.

For all of us, through them, are ennobled, encouraged,
Inspired and enriched beyond what we deserve
And because of these angels the human race will endure
With brighter eyes, clearer thoughts and purer hearts.