Mother of sorrows

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Mother of sorrows

By Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M.

Photos by Sean Sprague

Heart pierced knowing her child

Would one day suffer and she

Would be powerless to defend

Much less help.

Fleeing certain death,

Not knowing where to go or what

Lay ahead and who

Might welcome or reject.

Sick with worry searching

For her lost child

Fearing cruel strangers

Might take or harm

—Or worse.

Face to face, eye to eye

Heart to heart they

Communicate a love-filled

Sorrow no words can express.

If she could but change places

And die instead, her pain and suffering

Would be so much less

Than this anguished vigil.

Lifeless now the body she birthed

Breathless, bruised and broken

One more caress, one final embrace

One long, last letting go.

See how gently, oh so gently, she covers

The cold body with a shroud

As once with swaddling clothes

She wrapped her heart’s treasure.