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Love’s Visitation
By Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M.


No sooner had the echo of Mary’s yes
Faded from Gabriel’s angelic ears
Then from the eternal silence sprang
A new urgency for the virgin’s heart:
Get up! Go! Share your miracle
With her who also received great mercy.

So unbeknownst this living ark of the new covenant
Retraced the very path taken by David’s tabernacle
Into the hill country of Judah, where like the king
The unborn John leapt and danced naked
Before God’s incarnate Word. And Spirit-filled, aged Elizabeth
Proclaimed wonder that a greeting should quicken the life within.
The virgin, the barren—women on the margins
Scarcely daring to believe in the God of the impossible:
Loving, helping, serving, person-to-person
Woman-to-woman, cousin-to-cousin, young-to-old.
Who else would believe what God had done?
How else to express this inexpressible grace?

One’s soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord
The other’s prenatal babe somersaults for joy
Bidding us to seek and celebrate, here and now
God’s abiding presence in our mundane world.