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Joseph, the Carpenter
By Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M.

What can Joseph, the Just, do
When the very same Law
To which he’d dedicated his life
Demands he betray and expose
The young woman who was to be
His beloved wife? 

What can Joseph, the Silent, say
When his critics complain
Her shame and infidelity
Deserve nothing less than death? 

How can Joseph, the Dreamer, respond
When an angel first comforts
Then disturbs his sleep
With heavenly warnings
To rise and flee to foreign lands? 

When should Joseph, the Carpenter, teach
His young son how to use his skill
And strength, his hands and feet
To work with wood, to feel its heft,
To cut along the grain and bear
Its weight on his young shoulder? 

Behold! Joseph, most chaste, discovers
A far more intimate and enduring love
Than he ever dared dream, hope or imagine
And he of whom Scripture records no words
Provides guidance, strength and comfort
To magnify the eternal Word.