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Going Forth

Photo meditation

By Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M.


Exiled from Eden eons ago

Sojourning with Abraham

Delivered from slavery

Wandering around the world’s wilderness

Taken into captivity in Babylon

Till we return from whence we came

Each of us is called to leave

Behind familiar faces and places

And go forth to foreign lands

To find our way back home

To God.


We follow in the footsteps

Of him who left heaven’s glory

To dwell among the poor

And oppressed of the earth

And set them free with the truth

That they as sons and daughters

Of God in whose image they were made

Are thus deserving of all help, hope

And dignity, for they too are called

To go forth from poverty and despair

To dwell in the Promised Land.


Till at length when this, our earthly exile,

Is at its end and we, weary but unbowed,

Prepare for one final going forth

To leave behind not homes or friends or family

But our bodies to return to the earth,

We are confident the One

Who calls us to breathe our last in time

Will lead us to eternity.