Finding Lost Hope in the Temple

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Finding Lost Hope in the Temple

Photo meditation

By Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M.


Concern turns to worry turns to fear

With each passing day and night

Without a word or sign as to where

Their missing son might be.


Hurried steps go faster still

First here, then there, then nowhere

Praying elusive peace replaces growing panic

Struggling mightily to trust all will yet be well.


Perhaps worst of all: the haunting thoughts

And dreadful imaginings of what horrors

May or may not be taking place

As thoughts of What If displace What Is.


At length they return to Jerusalem

Where today’s sorrow buries last week’s joy

And crowded alleys offer a thousand faces

Save the one whom their hearts seek.


Drawn to the Temple there to pray

In desperation and defeat

With tears of relief beyond all telling

They find him among the elders


How could they know that in this

Their temporary anguish they were granted

A foretaste of a deeper loss

A more sublime reunion still to come?