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Easter peace meal

Photo meditation on Easter and Forgiveness

By Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M.


Mary Magdalene mourns alone.

“Woman, why are you weeping?”

the well-meaning, if clueless, gardener asks.

“Sir, if you have taken him,

tell me where he is.”

Lightning illumines her darkened soul

when she hears her name

spoken with such tenderness:



Peter does not dare believe—

his guilt too strong, his faith too weak—

unworthy of love

much less redemption, he confesses,

“Lord, you know everything.

You know I love you.”

And finds himself suddenly

commissioned to forever feed us

from the fountain of forgiveness.


Thomas doubts their story

if not their sanity, for surely

the dead do not rise, but

physical proof alone

erupts into eternal truth:

“My Lord and my God!”


We are Emmaus bound,

downcast and discouraged,

without hope or happiness

till a stranger opens our minds,

sets out hearts on fire,

sits with us at table,

and breaking bread,

bestows on us and all the world

amazing grace.