Beyond Mercy

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Beyond Mercy

By Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M.

You call me to repent, Lord,
Even when I’m not convinced
I did anything wrong.
But to keep on your good side,
I give up and give in
And admit my guilt and sin.

You shower me with mercy
And forgiveness
Far more than I deserve,
Refreshing my spirit
Renewing my heart and
Restoring my joy.

And still you refuse to leave me
Alone in my newfound peace,
But rather call me yet again
To leave my comfort zone
And seek out those who offended me
Or whom I have offended
And be reconciled.

You’re asking me to die
To myself and nail my ego
To a cross of humility,
Not to prove my love for you
But to appreciate your love
For me for whom
Forgiveness, love and mercy
Are only first steps along the way
To following you.