On The Bumpy Road to Emmaus

By Joseph R. Veneroso, M.M.

With broken hearts, dashed hopes and bowed heads
Defeated and deflated we make our mournful way
Far from the pain of shattered dreams that is Jerusalem
Toward some supposed safety known as Emmaus.

Ever lengthening shadows and fast descending darkness
Magnify the mournful doom and despair in our sorrowful souls
Of once faith-filled disciples now to the four winds scattered
Like sheep without a shepherd or pilgrims without a prayer.

Then unexpectedly an unknown traveler
Joins our self-imposed exodus with questions
Belying a truth and wisdom not of this world and
A heavenly destination on the other side of life.

With hearts burning within us we arrive
Where we once sought to stay in peace
When the stranger, taking bread, blessed and broke it
Opening our eyes of faith to see our risen Lord.

Heedless now of doubt or danger, we return
To announce how in breaking bread we found him
And see him still among the sick and poor oppressed
No less than in golden tabernacles.

In adoration falling, worshiping
God with us still.

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