In Memoriam 2020

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Please pray for our Maryknoll missioners who died during the past year.

Father John F. Ahearn
Sister Cheryl Allam
Father Robert F. Astorino
Brother Luke R. Baldwin
Sister Lorraine Beinkafner
Sister Joan Berninger
Sister Camille Marie Black
Father J. Ernest Brunelle
Sister Frances Calcaterra
Sister Anne Callahan
Father John J. Casey
Sister Joan Crevcoure
Father Donald J. Doherty
Father Thomas F. Donnelly
Sister Bernadette Cordis Duggan
Sister Mary Lee Englerth
Sister Virginia Farrell
Father Adam B. Gudalefsky
Sister Rose Guercio
Sister Madeleine Giusto
Sister Patricia Hafey
Father Frederick J. Hegarty
Father Francis B. Higdon
Father John P. Hudert
Sister Agnes Mary Joy
Father Martin P. Keegan
Sister Helen Kenny
Father Joseph W. Kowalczyk
Father Ernest C. Lukaschek
Brother Victor E. Marshall
Sister Veronica Mary Martin
Father Gerard T. McCrane
Father J. Donald Mc Ginnis
Sister Rose Christopher McKeegan
Father Daniel F. McLaughlin
Bishop William J. McNaughton
Father Manuel J. Mejía
Sister Jean Mary Michalec
Brother Donald R. Miriani
Father Gerald J. Nagle
Sister Patricia Noble
Sister Andrée Normandin
Father Brendan M. O’Connell
Father Richard T. Ouellette
Sister Joan Peltier
Sister Constance Pospisil
Sister Mary Powers
Father Richard J. Quinn
Sister Marian Dolores Schumacher
Father Donald F. Sybertz
Father John J. Vinsko
Father John-Daly J. Walsh
Sister Alice Wengrzynek
Father Arthur H. Wille
Father Peter A. Wu
Sister Marie Christelle Zabalerio

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

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