Readers’ Responses September/October 2020

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In the May/June 2020 issue, Father Joseph Veneroso’s acknowledgement of women’s contributions to Catholic history was greatly welcomed. What further proof do we need that women should be ordained priests?
Cecile D. Crosmun
Leominster, Massachusetts

The young girl on the cover of the May/June 2020 issue is so cute and also has such a smile of confidence about her. I keep this issue on my reading table and I smile back at her every time I look at her. My husband, John, and I have appreciated and supported the Maryknoll fathers, sisters and lay missioners for many years. Blessings to y’all (as we say in Texas).
Carol Aceti
Kerrville, Texas

Thanks for your magazine. I would kindly ask for more articles on Bishop Francis X. Ford, a martyr of the faith in China as the communists continued their systematic extermination of the Catholic faith in China. I understand that this was not a topic spoken about very much so as not to infuriate the Chinese Communist Party. I believe his martyr’s death is a story that the Western World needs to hear about, the facts of the communists’ war with Catholicism. I hope to hear more from the Bishop Francis Xavier Ford Guild on Bishop Ford’s cause for canonization.
Sidney Howard
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Growing up raised by my grandparents, who were from Ireland, I looked forward to Maryknoll magazine every month, starting when I was 5 years old and throughout high school. The pages enlightened me to such different cultures, different locales and the faraway lands. They really existed out there. What a wide world with such diversity it showed, and what sacrifices of the missionary priests and nuns. The poverty of the world came to my knowledge, along with the smiles of those who were financially poor but so very rich and steadfast in spirit. I’m 68 now. When I thought of my grandfather the other day, I recalled him reading Maryknoll each month and sharing those lovely pictures with me. I’m so very happy the magazine and the special, selfless work and love of the Maryknoll missioners still lives on.
Margaret Falconer
From the website

Brenda Noriega is a standing example out of many and I really appreciate Maryknoll magazine (May/June 2020 web-only article) for featuring this touching and mind-changing young person so that the world could see God at work. There are so many possibilities for us to reach out to people at local levels and overseas and I sincerely pray that Noriega’s passion for others and her faith will inspire more people to go forth and share the Gospel to the world’s forgotten poor.

Despite her earlier life anxieties, she has already been chosen by the Lord in order to be a living faithful example to many generations today. God works in mysterious and radiant ways and the Church should step up to encourage more initiatives from the younger generation. Noriega had the chance to pose with Pope Francis, which is a lifetime blessing that moved her into action. There are thousands of Christians out there who only have the chance to pose with the Holy Spirit and now they need prayer support from the Church in order to move into action. The Gospel has to be shared.
Patrice Assiongbon Sowanou
Garden Valley, Texas

The pandemic has kept us all inside, but has also afforded us extra time to be together. With the nice weather, I have been enjoying the backyard that my daughter has been busily taking care of for me. My other daughter brought the recent copy of Maryknoll magazine out to the garden and asked if she could read it to me, as my eyes aren’t too good.
Imagine our happy surprise as we read about Father Joseph Cappel, the “Saint on a Bicycle” in the May/June 2020 issue. We thoroughly enjoyed the article and spent quite some time reminiscing about Maryknoll. My brother, Maryknoll Father John Gallahue (1933-2004), was ordained on June 9, 1962, and in August of that year, sailed on the SS Catalina bound for Chile. Curepto was his very first assignment, at Our Lady of the Rosary. Over the years we heard wonderful stories about Father Cappel and Father Ernest Lukaschek. Father John went on to other parishes in Chile, in Chol Chol, Antofagasta and Santiago during his 42 years of service.

I then sent my daughter to the bookcase in the basement where I have an album with all of the pictures I saved over years. We spent some time talking about how much Father John loved the people of Chile, the special day we spent at Maryknoll celebrating his 25 anniversary of ordination, how proud our mom and all the family were of him, and his 40th anniversary celebrated in Chile.

Thanks to Father Hanlon for such a special article about such a special man, which led to a wonderful afternoon in the sunshine remembering my very special brother.
Patricia E. Cozzi
Oceanside, New York

Featured image: Gregory Darr’s wife Charito (l.) and daughters Rita and Louisa hold banner to divert traffic from the area where people pray for the late George Floyd. (Gregory Darr/U.S.) See story in this issue. 

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