Readers’ Responses May/June 2020
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Father Joseph R. Veneroso’s meditation on All Saints and All Souls in the November/December 2019 issue of Maryknoll is an outstanding reflection on the communion of saints. His meditation captured so well how we are all connected in this life and in the next. In fact, for me, this is the best reflection on the communion I have seen in all my life. This connection became very real for me.
Ron Stegman
Guilford, Indiana

As I read the “Readers’ Responses” month by month in Maryknoll magazine, I see that all supporters of the Maryknoll missioners do not quite share the expansive, generous and compassionate vision of Christian faith evident in the witness and work of the Maryknoll missioners, and so well expressed over the years by Father Joseph Veneroso in his articles, such as the “Spirit of Mission: In Search of the Sacred” in your January/February 2020 edition.
The underlying motivation of the complaints appears to be a fearfulness that requires a defense of rules, regulations, boundaries, structures, etc. It reminds me of Jesus’ disciples who had a hard time understanding his mission and, as we see in the Gospels, often were busy trying to wall off Jesus from those he came to serve.
We all have fears. Let us pray that they do not prevent us from doing the good for which God has made us.
Michael Howard
Palm Springs, California

Big kudos to Elizabeth Murphy for her astute and informative comments in the Readers’ Responses column in your November/December 2019 Maryknoll magazine about the ranking of the United States compared to Iceland on the Global Peace Index. She made an excellent point about why the United States should actually be ranked at the top, as our country is the leader in giving financial, charitable and physical aid and assistance all over the world when needed.
I also agree that your publication should be read by age-appropriate students in every Catholic school across the nation. Sadly, the Catholic school system would be the only outlet for Maryknoll as God is not allowed in the public school curriculum. We are truly blessed in this nation, in spite of our weaknesses and faults, compared to the rest of the world, although abortion is the worst violence to humanity.
God bless all of the Maryknoll priests, brothers, sisters, lay missionaries and lay staff.
Sharon Finklea
Jacksonville, Florida

After reading in the January/February 2020 magazine about the mission of Maryknoll Father Vincent Cole in West Papua, Indonesia, I realized that he is a true hero of evangelization. Father Cole encourages us to continue forward even though sometimes we complain about things that happen to us and about what we don’t have, and we forget to look at all our brothers and sisters who have less and yet are happy.
Thank God for all he has given us, because, after all, we deserve nothing, only the mercy of God.
Thank you for your prayers, which are a gift to us from you, our missionary brothers and sisters.
Hipólito Delgado
Morovis, Puerto Rico

In the September/October 2019 issue of Maryknoll magazine you featured Dr. Ann Carr, whom I know from the days when we had an active Maryknoll Affiliates chapter in Philadelphia. I also know her because of her support for the New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia, with which I have been affiliated for 10 years.
First, I applaud the author of this article, Mary Ann Cejka, for telling us about Dr. Carr, a woman who is a role model for us all. It has been some years since I had close contact with Ann when we would meet for our Maryknoll Affiliates chapter, which has since disbanded.
As for my own ministry, I retired last year as a pastoral associate in a multilingual parish in Kensington, Philadelphia. I have even more time now to dedicate to serving undocumented immigrants. I do so as a member of St. Vincent de Paul parish, which is allied with the New Sanctuary Movement.
Even though we do not have an active Maryknoll Affiliates group here in Philadelphia anymore, the spirit of mission is very much alive in Philadelphia, and Dr. Carr is a prime example of that spirit.
Paul W. Witte
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

May we all invite our Lord to accompany and guide us. Our Lord, who knows our needs, teaches us that he is also our destination.
I so love your Maryknoll magazine and all the articles. What amazing workers you have in your organization. How blessed are the many people in need to whom you reach out.
The article on Dr. Ann Carr was so touching. May God bless Dr. Carr and all of you in your wonderful ministry.
Betsey H. Jansen
Lewis, Colorado

Thank you for making Maryknoll magazine an easy-to-read, enjoyable expression of our faith. You give hope to so many by spreading the news of “happy endings” for many people trapped in very sad situations.
Also, thank you for not printing the Maryknoll magazine too often. I look forward to reading it so much that I’d have to give it up if it came more often, or otherwise I’d not get my necessary work done as we are a large, homeschooling family!
Thank you for all you do to bring God’s light to those who have only known darkness and loss.
Theresa Purdy
Troy, Montana

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