In Memoriam

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Please pray for our Maryknoll missioners who died during the past year.

Sister Elizabeth Burns
Father Thomas A. Ahearn
Brother Gordon M. Burns
Sister Janet Carroll
Father John P. Casey
Sister Joan Chatfield
Sister Maria Colabella
Father James P. Colligan
Father Robert F. Crohan
Sister Maria Rosario Daley
Father Robert L. Depinet
Father William B. Frazier
Sister Bernadette Higa
Sister Paulita Hoffmann
Sister Frances Horan
Brother Harold V. Horne
Sister Grace Mary Kuji
Sister Doretta Leonard
Sister Josephine Lo Presti
Sister Patricia Maher
Sister Julie Miller
Sister Mary Naab
Father Edward J. “Lou” Quinn
Sister Maria Rieckelman
Sister Marie Corinne Rost
Father Thomas C. Saunders
Sister Irene Solzbacher
Sister Pauline Sticka
Father Eugene A. Theisen
Sister Rose Dominic Trapasso
Sister Margaret Tryon
Sister Joan Uhlen
Sister Barbara Ann Walenty
Sister Tresa Zampedri

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