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Please pray for our Maryknoll missioners who died during the past year.

Sister Elizabeth Burns
Father Bernard P. Byrne
Father George G. Cotter
Brother Duane T. Crockett
Father Gerald J. Farrell
Sister Eileen Franz
Sister Rosemary Garrity
Father John Geitner
Father Sigmund S. Jamroz
Father Walter E. Johnson
Sister Mary Elizabeth Keyser
Sister Mary Frances Kobets
Sister Theresa Mangieri
Sister Barbara Masterson
Father Joseph J. McGahren
Sister Madeline McHugh
Father Donald P. McQuade
Father James P. Noonan
Sister Aiko Oyabu
Sister Margaret Purtell
Sister Joan Ratermann
Father Louis B. Rost
Father James V. Roth
Father John J. Ruessmann
Sister Mary Lou Teufel
Sister Joan Toomey
Brother Cyril L. Vellicig
Sister Vivian Votruba
Father Wayne T. Weinlader

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