Please pray for our Maryknoll missioners who died during the past year.

Father Donald L. Allen
Sister Mary Lou Andrews
Father Peter C. Brien
Sister Mary Edna Brophy
Sister Jennie Burke
Sister Katherine Byrne
Father Richard L. Clifford
Sister Eugenie Therese Courtright
Father Wayman P. Deasy
Father Miguel F. d’Escoto
Sister Noel Doescher
Sister Agnes Donovan
Father Ronald L. Green
Sister Timothy Marie Healy
Brother Thomas A. Hickey
Father Robert M. Lilly
Sister Margaret Lyons
Sister Dorothy Mulligan
Father Charles A. Murray
Sister Stephanie Nakagawa
Sister Marie de Lourdes Nassauer
Sister Rosanne Ong
Sister Jean Pruitt
Sister Jean Roberts
Sister Catherine Rowe
Father Michael A. Simone
Sister Anita Smith
Sister Jean Snyder
Sister Mary Stolz
Father John C. Tynan
Sister Vivian Vallee
Father John J. Walsh
Sister Cecelia Wood
Sister Jane Zawadzki

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