Maryknoll Field Afar Series: A Brief History Part 1
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Enjoy the first part of The Field Afar on the history of Maryknoll, formally called the Catholic Foreign Mission Society of America. Maryknoll was founded over 100 years ago as the chief foreign mission outreach of the Catholic Church in the United States. Watch to learn about the history of Maryknoll and foreign mission.

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Lynn F. Monahan

Lynn F. Monahan is editor-in-chief of Maryknoll magazine and served as a Maryknoll lay missioner in Peru in the 1990s. A graduate of Syracuse University, he has worked for newspapers and newswires, including The Associated Press and Bloomberg News. He holds a master’s degree in writing from Manhattanville College, and is the author of the award-winning novel Pistaco: A Tale of Love in the Andes. Twitter: @LFMonahan