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Pope Francis has said, “All vocations make their first steps in the family.” Those words come alive when you meet the Thibert and Hill families, as I did when their sons Ryan and Jonathan were sent forth to serve the world’s most vulnerable people as Maryknoll missioners.

“We nurtured our children’s faith by example,” said Rox-Ann Thibert. She added that she and her husband Larry based their lives on sharing their love with their children. It is not surprising that their son Ryan chose to commit himself to a lifetime of sharing his faith and love as a Maryknoll brother.

Ramona and Larry Hill raised their children in the tradition of the evangelical Christian churches, where Jonathan developed a faith-based desire for overseas mission early in life. His parents supported that desire, which continued after he chose to become a Catholic and then a Maryknoll priest. “We are all for the same thing: bringing others to Christ,” said Ramona.

In this issue we focus on the missionary vocation and present examples of those who are following their call through Maryknoll. You, our readers, are part of the Maryknoll family. Thank you for your prayerful support, which nurtures our missioners and the people they serve.

By declaring this October an Extraordinary Month of Mission, Pope Francis reminds us we are all called to be missioners through our baptism. How will you nurture that call in your family?

Margaret Gaughan, Editor

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Margaret Gaughan

Marge Gaughan has been on the staff of MARYKNOLL magazine since 1988, serving first as copy editor, then assistant managing editor, and managing editor from 2000. She was named editor in 2019. A former Sister of the Divine Compassion, she was a middle school teacher and director of religious education and holds a bachelor’s degree in English from Good Counsel College in White Plains, N.Y., and a master’s degree in religious studies from St. Mary’s University in Winona, Minn.

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